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How do we fix spending?

It’s no secret that deficits and debt are at record highs. The major problems are clear: The budget process just doesn’t work, and most discretionary spending is passed in huge, bundled bills that have to pass or shut the government down — an obvious choice for most legislators. The nation’s mandatory spending programs are unsustainable. […] Read More >>

Is entitlement reform coming in 2019?

It’s no secret that most in Congress have been particularly bad on spending votes of late. Now with historic deficits and rising debt, Senate leadership is turning attention to an area of spending that rarely gets a vote: Mandatory spending.   Speaking Tuesday to Bloomberg News about rising deficits, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said: “It’s […] Read More >>

Jonathan Bydlak in The Hill: While attention is elsewhere, Congress spends like mad

Writing today in The Hill, Jonathan Bydlak points out that while Supreme Court drama may be capturing most headlines, problems with the nation’s finances are only growing worse as Congress passes another enormous spending bill: President Trump, who six months ago pledged he would “never sign a bill like this again,” went ahead and signed a bill like this again on […] Read More >>