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CBO Releases Grim Fiscal Outlook

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released An Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook. The update included the tax cut passed last year and the spending deal that was enacted a few months ago. The outlook was already trending in the wrong direction and this only makes it worse. The 2018 deficit is projected […] Read More >>

Jonathan Bydlak in The American Conservative

In The American Conservative this week, Institute for Spending Reform founder and president, Jonathan Bydlak, wrote about the need to fully understand Pentagon reforms and cuts when pushing them. He compares this idea to the current gun control debate, where some have very little knowledge of the things they are pushing to regulate. On Pentagon spending, he states […] Read More >>

ISR Launches Guide for a Strong America

The Institute for Spending Reform launched a timely new project, Guide for a Strong America, gathering and recording all known options for Pentagon spending reform. Totaling over 80 reforms, the guide strives to create conversations about Pentagon spending as the first ever Pentagon audit approaches. President and Founder of the Institute for Spending Reform, Jonathan Bydlak, […] Read More >>